Do You Have a Fry's Reward Card?

Aug 27, 2019

Unlock the Power of Your Fry's Reward Card with Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank

Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank welcomes you to a world of philanthropy and community involvement. As the premier food bank in the Prescott area, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in need. Did you know that you can turn your everyday grocery shopping into an act of kindness through your Fry's Reward Card? Let us show you how!

What is a Fry's Reward Card?

A Fry's Reward Card is a fantastic loyalty program offered by Fry's Food Stores, a subsidiary of Kroger. This card allows you to earn points and receive various benefits while shopping at Fry's. It's a win-win situation – you get to enjoy exclusive discounts, personalized offers, and fuel points, while simultaneously supporting the local community through your purchases.

Why Should You Sign Up for a Fry's Reward Card?

Signing up for a Fry's Reward Card opens up a world of opportunities, both for you and for those in need. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting one:

  • Save Money: With your Fry's Reward Card, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and personalized offers. Enjoy significant savings on a wide range of groceries and other household items.
  • Earn Fuel Points: Every time you shop at Fry's, you earn fuel points that can be redeemed for discounted fuel at participating fuel centers. Save on gas while helping support important community initiatives.
  • Make a Difference: By linking your Fry's Reward Card to Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, a portion of your shopping expenditure will be donated to our organization, enabling us to continue our mission of fighting hunger and helping those in need.
  • Simple and Convenient: Applying for and using a Fry's Reward Card is straightforward and hassle-free. Plus, you can manage your account and track your rewards online, making it easy to stay informed about your contributions.

How to Sign Up for a Fry's Reward Card and Support Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank

Getting started with your Fry's Reward Card and supporting Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank is easier than you might think. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit a Fry's Food Store: Locate your nearest Fry's Food Store in the Prescott area.
  2. Find the Customer Service Desk: Head to the Customer Service Desk inside the store.
  3. Request a Fry's Reward Card Application Form: Inform the friendly staff that you'd like to apply for a Fry's Reward Card.
  4. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form with your personal details. Don't forget to mention Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank as your chosen organization to support.
  5. Submit the Form: Hand over the completed application form to the Customer Service Desk staff.
  6. Collect Your Fry's Reward Card: Once your application is processed, you'll receive your Fry's Reward Card. It's now ready to use!

Remember, every time you use your Fry's Reward Card while shopping at Fry's, a portion of your eligible purchases will be donated to Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, helping us make a tangible difference in the lives of our community members.

Join Us in Fighting Hunger and Building a Stronger Community

Together, we can create a better future for those facing food insecurity. By signing up for a Fry's Reward Card and linking it to Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, you'll become an integral part of our endeavor to eliminate hunger in our community. Your contributions will directly impact families, children, and individuals in need.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to make a difference! Visit your nearest Fry's Food Store today, complete the application process, and start enjoying the benefits of your Fry's Reward Card while supporting the Prescott community.

Caroline Marshall
I didn't know my rewards card could have such a positive impact.
Sep 19, 2023
Aditya Bajekal
So proud to be a part of this initiative.
May 22, 2023
Stephanie Foley
I appreciate organizations that prioritize community support.
Apr 4, 2023
Arian Taheri
I love using my Fry's Reward Card for a good cause.
Feb 22, 2023
Adélaïde Kauffmann
Big thumbs up for this collaborative effort! 👍
Oct 24, 2022
Irina Sang
What a great way to support the community!
Apr 8, 2022
Donna Hendren
This partnership is truly making a difference.
Mar 12, 2022
Yolanda Pena
This is the kind of news I love to see.
Mar 8, 2022
Matthias Toberer
I'm grateful for the opportunity to give back through my rewards card.
Nov 23, 2021
Sarah Miller
Thank you for spreading awareness about this important cause.
May 9, 2021
Brent Stutman
Using rewards for charity is a win-win.
Feb 22, 2021
Mitch Fagundes
Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank is doing incredible work!
Oct 20, 2020
Santhosh R
I'm inspired to make the most of my Fry's Reward Card now.
Jul 22, 2020
Jayanthi Menon
Let's continue to support Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank!
Sep 23, 2019