Monthly Giving Circle: Making a Lasting Impact in Prescott

Jul 2, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Giving Circle, an exclusive program by Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in our community. By joining our Monthly Giving Circle, you can make a lasting impact through regular contributions that provide essential resources and support to those in need.

Why Join the Monthly Giving Circle?

When you become a member of our Monthly Giving Circle, you become a champion for change in Prescott. Your consistent support enables us to plan ahead, allocate resources effectively, and ensure a steady supply of food and assistance to those who rely on our services.

As a Monthly Giving Circle member, you'll enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Continual Impact: Your regular contributions enable us to address immediate needs as well as develop long-term solutions to combat food insecurity in our community.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Set up automatic monthly donations, so you can effortlessly support our cause without any hassle or reminders.
  • Maximized Effectiveness: Monthly donations are a strategic way to ensure a sustained impact, as they empower us to plan projects, expand initiatives, and extend our reach to more individuals in need.
  • Exclusive Updates: Stay connected with our work through regular newsletters and personalized updates, keeping you informed about the impact your contributions are making in the lives of those we serve.
  • Recognition and Gratitude: As a valued Monthly Giving Circle member, you'll receive special recognition on our website and other platforms to showcase your commitment to the community. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

Become a Monthly Giving Circle Member

Joining the Monthly Giving Circle is simple and only takes a few minutes. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on individuals and families facing food insecurity. Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose a Monthly Donation Amount: Select an amount that aligns with your giving goals and financial capacity. Every contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact on our ability to provide food and assistance to those in need.
  2. Set up Automatic Payments: Provide us with your preferred payment method and set up automatic monthly donations. You can rest assured that your donations will be secure and efficiently allocated to support our programs and initiatives.
  3. Stay Connected: As a Monthly Giving Circle member, you'll receive regular updates on the impact of your contributions, stories of lives changed, and invitations to special events in the community.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

The Monthly Giving Circle is more than just a donation program; it is a community of compassionate individuals committed to creating a better future for Prescott. With your ongoing support, we can combat food insecurity, provide educational resources, and offer comprehensive assistance to those in need. Join the Monthly Giving Circle today and be a catalyst for positive change.

Thank you for your generosity and dedication to making Prescott a stronger, more compassionate community. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Your Impact Begins Today

By joining the Monthly Giving Circle, you are taking a crucial step towards ensuring a brighter future for vulnerable individuals and families in Prescott. Your contributions will empower us to continue providing essential resources and support to those facing food insecurity. Join our Monthly Giving Circle today and be part of the solution!

Kevin Moss
Great initiative!
Nov 8, 2023