Food Drive Season

It’s November, which means that the season of food drives is upon us.  Did you know that we get over 50% of our annual donations in November and December?  Whether it’s because people are thinking about food (Thanksgiving!), giving (holidays!), or the end of the year (tax write-offs!), most giving occurs at this time of year.  That includes monetary contributions, but it also includes food drives.

Since this is a pretty new job for me, I’m still getting the hang of how food drives work.  I originally thought that food banks organize their own drives, but what actually seems to be the case, at least for us, is that other groups organize food drives for our benefit.  It’s definitely easier on our end, but it got me wondering–what could those groups use from us to make their food drives easier to organize?  If a group is on the fence, what resources could encourage them to take the plunge?  Since we are the grateful recipients, I felt that we should make these as easy as possible for the organizers.

So, I started a new page here on the website:  “host a food drive.”  I hope that it is a valuable resource for Prescott-area groups looking to do an end-of-year (and beyond) drive.  And, if you are reading this and thinking about organizing a food drive, please let me know what else you might need!  The page is meant to be a long-lasting, helpful resource.  If something is missing, let me know in the comments below and I’ll get right on it.


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