Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank - Frys Community Rewards Program

Feb 4, 2020

About Us

Welcome to the Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, a dedicated organization committed to fighting hunger in the community of Prescott, Arizona. As a non-profit organization operating under the category of Community and Society - Philanthropy, our mission is to provide nutritious food and support services to those in need.

Frys Community Rewards Program

One of the important ways we ensure the sustainability of our operations is through the Frys Community Rewards program. This program enables individuals, families, and businesses to support our cause by simply doing their everyday grocery shopping at Frys and designate Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank as their chosen charity.

What is the Frys Community Rewards Program?

The Frys Community Rewards program is an initiative by Frys Food Stores that allows customers to give back to local charities of their choice. By linking your Frys VIP card to our organization, a percentage of your eligible purchases will be donated to Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank at no additional cost to you.

How does it work?

When you shop at Frys using your VIP card, Frys will donate a percentage of your total purchase directly to the Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank. It's a seamless and effortless way to make a positive impact in the community.

Joining the Program

Joining the Frys Community Rewards program and supporting our organization is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Frys Food Stores website
  2. Create an account or sign in to your existing account
  3. Click on "Community" and then "Community Rewards"
  4. Search for "Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank" or enter our organization number - 12345
  5. Select our organization and click on "Enroll"

Benefits of the Frys Community Rewards Program

By participating in the Frys Community Rewards program and choosing Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank as your designated charity, you contribute to making a significant difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. Some benefits of the program include:

  • Supporting a local non-profit organization dedicated to hunger relief
  • No additional cost to you as donations are made from Frys
  • Helping us extend our reach and impact in the community
  • Contributing to the fight against hunger

Join us in Eliminating Hunger

At Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, we believe that no one should go hungry. With the support of programs like the Frys Community Rewards program and individuals like you, we can continue our mission to eliminate hunger in Prescott, Arizona.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of community members experiencing food insecurity. Join us today and make a difference!

David Sevier
Thanks for supporting hunger relief! 🙌🥦
Nov 8, 2023
Anthony Lanzetti
Great initiative! 👏🥦
Oct 7, 2023
Stephen Bennett
Thank you for all that you do!
Sep 15, 2023
Nicole Bostick
I'm glad to be a part of such a meaningful cause.
Jul 3, 2023
Titto Francis
I'm glad I can help make a difference in my community.
Jun 12, 2023
Boris Adlam
I'm happy to contribute through the rewards program.
May 22, 2023
Joaquin Toribio
I appreciate the dedication of the organization.
Mar 30, 2023
Alexandra Jesse
Thank you for addressing the issue of hunger.
Feb 19, 2023
Michael Ziegler
The rewards program support is a great idea!
Nov 28, 2022
Michael Kavanaugh
I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute.
Nov 14, 2022
Tom Hebble
I'm proud to support this food bank.
Oct 22, 2022
Gary Rea
This is an important cause.
Oct 21, 2022
Zach Singer
Great initiative! 🌟
Sep 7, 2022
Mohammad Asaad
This program deserves recognition for its impact.
Jun 7, 2022
Ed Clary
It's inspiring to see the support for those in need.
Oct 18, 2021
Scott Millar
It's wonderful to see community support like this.
Sep 29, 2021
Shamus McMickelson
This food bank makes a real difference.
Aug 2, 2020
Ian Straussman
Every little bit helps in fighting hunger.
Jun 6, 2020
Phil Silva
The impact of this program is significant.
May 15, 2020
My community benefits from this program.
Mar 29, 2020
Padma Chandrasekaran
I hope more people become aware of this program.
Mar 14, 2020
Strato Han
Proud to be involved in this effort.
Feb 27, 2020