Shower Facilities & Parks with Splash Pads - Stay Clean!

Jul 27, 2018


Welcome to Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank's resource page on shower facilities and parks with splash pads in Prescott. We understand the importance of cleanliness and access to safe and hygienic facilities, especially for individuals without a permanent home or those seeking outdoor recreational areas for their families. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the shower facilities and parks with splash pads available in the community, along with tips to ensure cleanliness and well-being. Let's dive in!

Shower Facilities

1. Facility A

Facility A offers well-maintained shower facilities for individuals who need a place to refresh themselves. Equipped with modern amenities and clean surroundings, Facility A is a reliable choice for those looking to maintain personal hygiene. The facility is conveniently located near downtown Prescott, making it easily accessible to those in need.

2. Facility B

Facility B, operated by Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, provides free shower facilities to individuals and families facing homelessness or economic hardships. The dedicated staff ensures a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors. Facility B also offers complimentary toiletries and fresh towels to enhance the bathing experience and uplift spirits.

Parks with Splash Pads

1. Park X

Take your family to Park X, a beautiful recreational area with a splash pad. It offers a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to play and cool down during warm summer days. The splash pad features various water elements and interactive structures, providing hours of fun and laughter. The park also includes picnic areas, walking trails, and lush green spaces.

2. Park Y

Park Y is another great option for families seeking a play area with a splash pad. This park is known for its well-maintained facilities, including a spacious splash pad and a range of water features suitable for children of all ages. The park's serene surroundings and well-manicured gardens offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tips to Stay Clean

1. Hygiene Essentials

When using shower facilities, always remember to bring your hygiene essentials, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and a clean towel. These items will ensure that you can freshen up thoroughly and maintain good personal hygiene.

2. Timing and Availability

Some shower facilities may have specific operating hours or limited availability. It's advisable to check the opening hours in advance and plan your visit accordingly, ensuring you have ample time to use the facility.

3. Respectful Usage

When utilizing shower facilities, please treat the space with respect and cleanliness. Always clean up after yourself, maintaining a pleasant environment for others who may use the facility after you.

4. Sun Protection

If you plan to spend time at parks with splash pads, it's crucial to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Apply sunscreen before going out, wear protective clothing, and encourage your children to wear hats and sunglasses for added sun protection.

5. Water Safety

While enjoying the splash pads, ensure your children are supervised at all times. Teach them the importance of water safety, such as not running near wet surfaces and following any posted guidelines or rules.


Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank is dedicated to serving the community and providing important resources for individuals in need. By offering shower facilities and highlighting parks with splash pads, we aim to make a difference in promoting hygiene, well-being, and family-friendly recreational options in Prescott. We invite you to explore these resources and share this information with others in need. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant community.

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