Our Services

What type of emergency food does the Community Cupboard provide?

We provide bags of shelf-stable food that households can take with them.  We do not provide on-site meals.

What if I do not have access to cooking facilities?

Please indicate that when you sign up for your bag.  We make sure to provide food that requires cooking (such as dried beans and rice) to those households with the access and ability to cook the food we provide.

How much food does a bag contain?

Each bag contains enough food to provide 12 nutritionally-balanced meals per household member.

How often can I sign my household up for a bag?

Households may sign up for a bag once every 6 weeks.

What if I sign up for a bag but do not pick it up that day?

If you do not pick up your bag the day you signed up, your bag’s contents will be returned to our shelves.  Because of our accounting system, you still may not pick up for another 6 weeks, so please be sure that you will be able to pick up your bag on the day you sign up.

How do I know if my household is eligible for a bag?

We do not screen clients in any way other than checking for date of last bag sign-up.  Therefore, you will always be eligible as long as it has been at least 6 weeks since you last signed up for a bag.

How do I sign up for a bag?

To sign up for a bag, please visit the Catholic Charities office in Prescott to sign up during their office hours.  More information and directions can be found here.