Community Snapshot

Is there really a need for a food bank in Prescott?  What does the Community Cupboard accomplish?  Here’s where you can find out answers to those and other questions.

The need:

What is food insecurity? According to the USDA, it is a lack of access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Arizona unfortunately boasts the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation, and the 3rd highest rate of child food insecurity. Over a quarter of the children living in Yavapai County are food insecure; that’s more than 10,000 children in our county alone who do not have reliable access to enough nutritious food. And, despite the fact that from 2010 to 2011 Arizona’s number of unemployed persons decreased even more than the national average (12% statewide as opposed to 7% nationally), our number of persons in poverty increased during that time by 10%. There are individuals and families out there who are still just struggling to get by.

Check out this infographic:

YC food insecurity snapshot

For more information, see:  Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap study

What we do:

Since 1973, we have been providing groceries to empower households to create their own “healthy, active lifestyle.” One bag from the Cupboard provides enough shelf-stable food to create 12 nutritionally-balanced meals per household member. It can be used to exclusively feed a household for four days, or it can supplement their other food, adding the fruit, vegetables, and protein that would otherwise be difficult for a food-insecure household to have in every meal.

Current giving:

We currently provide groceries to about 1,400 individuals each month. Over one-third of those individuals are children; the average number of families per month is 321. We also provide to about 11 homeless households each month. In 2014, we provided 196,104 meals.

Bags of food


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